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PDF Splitter and Merger

PDF Splitter and Merger is efficient software elaborated for splitting a single pdf file
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24 February 2010

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The PDF Splitter and Merger is a stand-alone windows based application that allows you to split and merge your PDF files. The utility supports various functions like merge multiple PDF files and make one PDF document, split into single PDF pages or extract the pages from PDF and make one PDF document. The application works without Acrobat reader and writer.

Features: The application has a simple user interface, you can perform all the operations from single user screen. The application is nicely designed considering the requirement of user so that anyone can effectively work with this utility for splitting and merging PDF files.

The application allows you to add individual PDF file using add file option, you can also add PDF files with add folder option or using drag and drop facility. You can see the list of PDF document with details like page count, file path etc. You can rearrange the PDF file sequence in the list using up and down arrow. The application support various feature like merge all PDF file and make one PDF file, split PDF file into multiple pages, split into single file by specifying split page from and to. The program also allows you to extract or make PDF file by specifying page range of existing PDF file. The application is supported on Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista platform.

Overall: This is a simple and faster utility to split and merge PDF documents.

Publisher's description

PDF Splitter and Merger is efficient software elaborated for splitting a single pdf file in to several small single or multiple page files customized by user and merging various different pdf files into single file containing the information & data from all files in the sequence you have merged them. Splitting function lets you split a single file into various single or multiple page files, split according to page number or page range. PDF Splitter and Merger make the files more organized & manageable and give you supple access to information needed from PDF files. With the effective & powerful functioning of splitting PDF files into separate documents, either by page range or page numbers, and merge an limitless number of PDF documents into a single PDF file, our solution support you have control over all your PDF files. Combine the pdf e-books to make a single ebook for your accessibility and Devide a PDF file into smaller files to reduce the file size & content for easy transformation & communication. Split pdf file into single page forms for your use. The program PDF is also very vigorous and consistent and supports virtually any flavor for PDF formats. Most PDF Softwares slowdown to a creep, when processing files with a huge number of pages; PDF Splitter Merger performs at a incredible speed to the last page. Even though abundantly featured, the program is very easy to use. From performance benchmark tests, we believe that the PDF merger splitter is a swift concatenate, append and split utility available today. In fact, our observations & testing have shown that the program runs up to four times faster than competing products. Features: # Append a page or several pages to any existing PDF file # Combine two or more PDF files together in any order. # Split PDF documents by page numbers or custom page ranges etc. # Split a file into single pages or sets of pages. # Concatenate PDF files in any order # Split pdf file make lighter file or to make single.
PDF Splitter and Merger
PDF Splitter and Merger
Version 5.0.1
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